Dr.Web CureIt! 2019-10-07

Dr.Web CureIt! - A free virus scanner on the basis of kernel Dr.Web, which quickly and effectively scan and disinfect your computer without having to install an antivirus program. The utility provides the latest updates to the virus database Dr.Web, which is updated every 30 minutes. The program works well with other antivirus software and does not interfere with their work, a high percentage of virus detection does Dr.Web CureIt! one of the best scanners in its category.

Dr.Web CureIt! cure the infected system, but it is not a permanent tool to protect your computer from viruses. Utility incorporates all of the latest virus database Dr.Web, but it does not include the module automatically updates the virus database. Delivered with utility Dr.Web CureIt! virus database updates are relevant only to the release of the new additions. To scan your computer the next time Antivirus with the latest updates of virus databases, you must download CureIt Dr.Web again!.

Dr.Web CureIt! detects and removes:
email worms
Network worms
file viruses
Stealth viruses
polymorphic viruses
bodiless viruses
Macro viruses
Viruses infecting MS Office documents
Script Viruses
Spyware (Spyware)
Programs, Password stealers
Advertising Software (Adware)
Potentially dangerous software
Hacking tools
Joke programs
malicious scripts
Other malware

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Author Doctor Web, Ltd
Version 2019-10-07
Update 07.10.2019
Language eng, rus,
Platform windows XP, windows 7, windows 8, windows 10, Windows Vista,

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