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Review of the free program DAEMON Tools Lite:

DAEMON Tools Lite - is the best solution to emulate CD / DVD / BluRay drives, a powerful free tool that will require almost every computer user.

DAEMON Lite - This lite, free version of DAEMON Tools, but for home use its functionality should be enough for even the most demanding users.

Three reasons why you should download the free version of DAEMON Tools for Windows:

1. Functionality. DAEMON Tools Lite allows you to connect any disk image (CUE / BIN, ISO, CCD, BWT, MDS, CDI, NRG, PDI, B5T) to a virtual drive as a full physical CD, DVD or BluRay drive, thus "tricking" the applications that drive to work is needed. This of course also applies to games with different copy protection such as SafeDisc, Securom and Laserlock and others.

2. Speed. With its convenient interface program, mount the image in DAEMON Tools is very simple, it is just a few clicks of the "mouse". DAEMON Tools Lite program instantly mount the disk image, and then you can work with it as a real disk. For the end user an easy way to get rid of the need to use the original disk, and speed up the work to optimize the time spent at the computer.

3. Stability. DAEMON Tools Lite is free, but the stability of its operation is not affected. DAEMON Lite consistently works with all versions of Windows. You need only download DAEMON Tools for Windows 7 or any other version of Windows, insert the Lite free DAEMON Tools and install the necessary images.

In a nutshell:
DAEMON Tools Lite free download. The program for emulation drives, accelerate and work at the computer. Download the latest version of DAEMON Tools Lite is free. Official DAEMON Tools Lite for Windows.

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Update 26.07.2019
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