Adobe Flash Player

The new version of Adobe flash player to view the video and run flash games.

Program Overview Adobe flash player latest version for windows:

Flash Player (Flash Player) - a component of the browser, allows you to play flash videos (* swf files.).
Before installing the new version the developers recommend to uninstall any other installed version.

Adobe Flash Player contains many improvements, including support for custom filters and effects, additional opportunities to work with OF 3D-ELEMENTS, advanced tools for working with text, and support for the acceleration due to the hardware capabilities of modern graphics cards.

For the first time developers can create custom filters and effects for Adobe Flash Player 21, using a free set of tools Adobe Pixel Bender, which is also available on the Adobe Labs site.
The new engine for text gives designers more funds to determine the font parameters, such as anti-aliasing, rotation, style, ligatures support. In addition, there are more options for placing the text, for example, vertical, right to left, in two directions, etc.

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Author Adobe Systems Inc
Update 28.03.2018
Language eng,
Platform windows XP, windows 7, windows 8, windows 10, Windows Vista,

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Download Adobe Flash Player (Firefox) (19.9MB)
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Download Adobe Flash Player (Internet Explorer) (19.4MB)